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Forbid  Chinese Products.

Forbid  Chinese Products.

That’s what  we always listen to whenever China does somewhat which is not in our favour

We all are aware of the fact that India is a part of WTO (and China too). If China can ban one of the Apple product only because it looks as similar as a Chinese product. Then why can’t we forbid Chinese products as the majority of the Chinese products are the replica of other big brands

That will be childish and juvenile. Let’s articulate you play a game of Cricket and you are not allowed for a batting chance. Would you pick and choose to take back your bat & stumps and go home? Would that be a sign of development? While you should brawl for your batting chance and stand up to discrimination you should also find out to work in a team & not just run away from it.

Indian leadership is a quite established one and thus doesn’t play stupid brain games. It will continue to work with China & other nations across the world while pushing for its constitutional rights. India wants to be a director and an essential part of leadership is dealing with disappointments & not getting the stuff they wanted.

In International situation it is not that plain as individually India and China are members of WTO (World Trade Organization). just the once India blocks Chinese merchandise immediately China will block Indian goods. India can face retaliation from other Chinese allies too.

If you go through the below statistics you will know that India is additional dependent (trade) on China and not vice versa.

  • China imports only 8% of its whole imports from India while India imports 12.4% of its total imports from China.
  • China exports just 3% of its exports to India at the same time as India exports 4.3% of its exports to China.
  • China is India’s largest trade partner. Do you want to check, just see you cell phone where it’s manufactured? And see any damn electronic products in your home. Majority of them would be made in China.
  • Even Indian brand Micromax is planning to shift their full production from China to India.
  • Many ‘Made in India’ products are just assemble in India whereas components are sourced from China. India also lines lower than China in terms of ‘ease of doing business’, in the context of better infrastructure, labour and technology

In the nutshell, China is the almost sole manufacturing heart of the world because of its cheap physical labour and availability of Technology.

So if we ban them we have to face a severe demand supply break, therefore, we damage our financial system badly that the good we benefit from it. And we are a fraction of the WTO Trade facilitation agreement according to this we can’t just ban on goods quoting that they didn’t bear for our entry in NSG. That would be a she for a growing world leader India.

If we here in India does not trade in from China, we would either be gone with expensive western alternatives or sub-standard Indian substitute in most of the cases.

So technically it’s not possible to simply ban Chinese products in a day. BUT Sorry for the Caps, but that’s how you will feel when you will read this article ahead.so here I go. Our government is trying to boost our manufacturing by schema like Make in India, Startup India, Skill training etc. Let’s hope & join hands for making India an export-oriented economy in future. By that way, we can ban on Chinese products.

India has to first reach a state of self-sufficiency and create adequate means to manufacture indigenously to cater to the needs of for our vast population before we ban Chinese products.

And do trust me, talking about banning Chinese products is not like building castles in the air. If each and every Indian join hands together and understands hat no doubt buying and using Chinese products are undoubtedly giving as a luxury but on the other hands its drilling out our roots resulting in the poverty, un-development, unemployment, etc. Banning these products would make the countries make their own products and sell it worldwide. While America has a first-class economy, China is frustrating to put up their’s by selling low price products which work for some time. China only has profited from selling this. In the end, I suggest boycott Chinese good. The worst affected sectors are:



  • Most of the Small-scale Indian industries are the worst hit by Chinese products. At present 11 crores Indian’s source of revenue is depending on ‘Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises’ (MSME) sector.
  • for the most part, there are 12 types of products formed by MSME sector. Sadly, the majority of them are imported from China are also these 12 types of products.
  • There is a big trade shortfall between India and China. In the 2015-16 Financial year, India’s imports from China are worth 61 Billion dollars, while India’s exports to China are just 9 Billion dollars.
  • Many Indian Toys industries were finally shut because of the gigantic imports of cheaper Chinese toys.
  • lots of Chinese goods such as firecrackers, plastic toys are found to be Health and Environment hazard, because of the use of low-quality materials in the making.
  • Chinese industries don’t expend much money on modernization, research and development, rather they just construct imitation goods whenever new products are innovated in other countries. Indian industries do spend money on research and innovation, hence their products are a bit costlier. So, it is ethically incorrect to form a competition between Indian and Chinese goods.
  • Though China is profiting a lot from exporting its products to India, China is openly supporting Pakistan and is against India in International summits.


  • Of course, effects are changing. India’s ‘Make in India’ campaign is functioning towards making our country an encouraging place to manufacture goods. Loads of FDI is flowing in our country and through FYI we already demanding to ban some Chinese Products by the indirect way by imposing Anti-dumping duties & safeguard duty to the products which we already manufactured.
  • Along with this Devaluation of Yuan opened a window for India.

But until actual results are seen, Chinese goods are for online sellers. Keep your hands clean though. Buy only reasonably priced & money-making products, not unsatisfactory & illegal ones and chuck in India because it will come back to bite you later.


Here are some companies that have announced plans to set up their first manufacturing unit or increase the number/capacity of their manufacturing units in India post the launch of the Make in India campaign:

  • Spice Group
  • Samsung
  • Hitachi
  • Huawei
  • Xiaomi
  • LH Aviation
  • Foxconn
  • General Motors
  • Lenovo
  • Boeing
  • Wistron Corp
  • Alstom
  • GE Transport
  • Micromax
  • Vivo
  • Lockheed Martin


The “Make in India” week, conducted early last year saw 2500+ international foreign delegates coming from 68 countries, along with business teams from 72 countries. By the end of the event, investment commitments worth Rs. 15.2 lakh crore were received.

The Xiaomi India chief expressed his pleasant surprise when the process of setting up a manufacturing unit which was estimated to take 2 years was completed within just 7 months owing to efficient regulatory processes.

A spokesperson from Taiwan’s Wistron Corp said that the government’s Make in India campaign, coupled with the county’s growing consumption, makes an excellent case for the Indian manufacturing sector to emerge as a global manufacturing hub across sectors.

Foreign Direct Investment into India hit an all-time high in 2016, and if rating agency Moody’s is to be believed, it is an indicator of the success of the government’s Make in India initiative.

While we see increasing activity with respect to the development of Industrial corridors, Manufacturing Zones and Smart Cities, I expect foreign investment under the Make in India program to see accelerated growth in the years to come.

So, my review of the initiative is that it has been a success so far

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