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The Most Expensive Television Brands in The World


Here we have compiled a top of the world’s most luxurious TV brands waiting to grace your home

Television is another name for entertainment. In today’s hectic life, everyone needs entertainment in their life. Television has become a very important part of every house. People are fond of TV and they get love to watch news on TV, so its true that TV can entertain all. Television is watched by the people of every age group. Kids love to watch cartoons, teens watch sports and elder people. Many luxury brands are introducing many new models with advanced features. Luxury, as well as expensive brands, are now consider as a status symbol. High-class people love to have luxury televisions at their home and offices by which they can show off their wealth and luxury lifestyle. A  Luxury brands are manufacturing televisions with the latest technology. LED and LCD are very popular these days because of their latest trends and can also be seen very commonly at homes. One should always take care about sound and picture quality while purchasing a TV. Several brands are famous in the market for manufacturing luxurious televisions.

List of some most expensive and luxury televisions in the World is given below:

Stuart Hughes Prestigehd Supreme Rose Edition TV

  1. Stuart Hughes Prestigehd Supreme Rose Edition: Stuart Hughes is one of the well-known luxury brands for TV. Stuart Hughes Prestigehd Supreme Rose Edition is a 55 inches luxury TV. This television is coated with about 28kgs rose gold and also studded with gold and diamonds which makes it an expensive TV. People who want something precious, then Stuart Hughes Prestigehd Supreme Rose Edition TV is best for them.

    Stuart Hughesâ PrestigeHD Supreme Edition

  2. Stuart Hughesâ PrestigeHD Supreme Edition: Stuart Hughes is popular for making something luxurious as well as classy. Stuart Hughesâ PrestigeHD Supreme Edition offers a great picture quality. Its screen is almost of 55 inches. Gold and about 48 diamonds have been used in its manufacturing. Aventurine and Topaz gems are also studded in this television. This expensive and luxury TV is being purchased by rich people.
  3. Panasonic 152 inch Plasma TV: Panasonic does not need any recognition because this luxury brand is popular in all over the world. The screen of this television is almost 152 inches and is a having a big resolution too. This luxury TV also offers a 3D feature in HD which makes it very expensive. Panasonic 152 inch Plasma TV can make you feel like watching a cinema and that’s why it is luxurious as well as expensive television.
    Sharp LB-1085 LCD TV
  4. Sharp LB-1085 LCD TV: Sharp LB-1085 LCD TV is among luxurious televisions of the world. This expensive and luxury TV was launched in 2008 with a screen of 108 inches like a home theatre. USB ports are also provided by Sharp LB-1085 LCD TV. This television also offers 176-degree viewing angle. Sharp LB-1085 LCD TV also brings bright features which make it a favourite choice of buyer.

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