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Most Popular Ultra Luxury Car Brands in the world

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Most Popular Luxury Cars brands are marvels of engineering; with captivating designs and jaw-dropping performance, brands like Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini push the boundaries of what a vehicle can achieve. While popular Luxury Cars brands won’t ever win awards for fuel efficiency, they offer power in other, more extravagant, ways.

To identify the best ultra-luxury brands, Luxury Name created an utmost -Luxury Rating, which favored brands with the highest prices, maximum horsepower, greatest torque and lowest gas effectiveness — we’re seeking for the lavish of the lavish. After ranking them based on their Ultra-Luxury Rating, we ordered the brands from highest to lowest score.

  1. Lamborghini


Ultra-Luxury Rating: 90

Lamborghini earned its distinction as the best mega-luxury brand due to its powerful lineup, as its models average 660 horsepower, the highest among its mega-luxury competitors. Moreover, its low fuel effectiveness and the average price of $353,438 per model contributed to Lamborghini’s overall rating.

  1. Ferrari


Ultra-Luxury Rating: 90

Not surprisingly, Ferrari earned elevated marks for its averages in horsepower (651) and torque (509 foot-pounds). However, Ferrari shares a mega -Luxury Rating with Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini, its average horsepower earns it the second-place title.

  1. Rolls-Royce

rolls royce

Ultra-Luxury Rating: 90

Rolls-Royce, the third-best utmost -luxury brand, comes at a cost: over $438,000. Its high price paired with its poor fuel competence and torque earned it an overall Luxury Rating of 90, despite its low down horsepower.

  1. McLaren


Ultra-Luxury Rating: 89

McLaren’s average of 641 horsepower places it far above the manufacturing average, which sits at 549 HP. Though, its fuel efficiency is a combined 19 miles per gallon, which makes it the most capable brand listed, and therefore lowers its overall rank.

  1. Bentley

Ultra-Luxury Rating: 87

Bentley’s best features are its horsepower and torque, both of which reach or surpass the averages set by other utmost-luxury brands. Its main weakness, however, is its price: $212,850 per model. The cost lowers its overall utmost -Luxury Rating compared to other brands.


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