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Most Luxurious Prisons Around the World Which are Better Than Your Home.

Every criminal dream is to be here whenever they get caught. Here are some of the most luxurious prison which are better than your home.

Many of you must be confused by reading the title because the word ‘prison’ is not at all associated with the word ‘luxury’. Prison word scares us as it is a punishment for committing crimes. Nobody wants to go to prison. Most of the people know that the conditions of prisons are hard to tackle as one can be locked in a prison according to his crime. Have you ever heard about luxury or five-star prisons? If no, then here is a surprise for you in this article. It’s hard to digest that a prison can be so comfortable and luxurious. There are several jails or prisons in the world which provide their inmates luxurious living conditions and a very good treatment. These jails have been designed so beautifully that one can wish to go to these prisons without doing any crime.

List of some luxurious prisons in the world is given below:

bastoy prison

1. Bastoy Prison: Bastoy Prison is considered to be the most luxurious prisons in the world and is situated in Bastoy Island, Norway. Prisoners of this luxurious prison live in cottages. Prisoners also work on the farm of Bastoy Prison. In this luxurious prison, prisoners are also indulged in different activities like horse riding, sunbathing, playing tennis and fishing. It sounds great that a prison life can be so exciting.

HMP Addiewell

2. HMP Addiewell: HMP Addiewell is another luxury prison in the world which is located in Scotland. HMP Addiewell is well-known for guiding prisoners so that they can give another chance to themselves to lead a better life. This luxurious prison provides many learning activities to their prisoners which help them to cope up with the outer world. HMP Addiewell also encourages prisoners to start a new life with different perspectives.

Otago Corrections Facility

3. Otago Corrections Facility: Otago Corrections Facility is a popular and luxurious prison in the world and is situated in NewZealand. This luxurious prison is well-known for its working style. It is not only a luxury prison but it also teaches many skills to all their prisoners like electrical engineering, cooking, dairy farming and many more. Otago Corrections Facility also teaches their prisoners about the production process of microwaves, jammers and cell phones.

Justice Center Leoben4. Justice Center Leoben: Justice Center Leoben is like a dream prison actually which is located in Austria. This luxurious prison provides many facilities to their prisoners like private bathroom, private room, kitchen, television and many more. Prisoners can also spend their time in basketball court and in the gymnastic room. Justice Center Leoben allows prisoners to move freely from one cell to another which makes it a unique prison. A balcony is also provided by prison with every cell. This luxurious prison is a great competition to a luxury apartment.

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