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The Most Luxurious Pools Around the World

Hearst Castle

Summertime is here, We’ve brought you the list of the most luxurious pools around the world.

Pools are such a delight in summer. Now a day, pools have become very popular among people. People like to spend their time in the pool for having relaxation. Today, most of the resorts are having pools so that their guests can enjoy their vacations fully. Pools have become so common that now you can see pools in some luxury houses too. People love the idea of the pool and that inspires them to construct their own pool in their own house. You must have heard about the ‘Pool Parties’, this shows that the pool is also loved by party animals. Children also like to enjoy the pool. There are several hotels and resorts which have luxurious pools.

List of some luxurious pools in the world is given below:

San Alfonsd Del Mar

  1. San Alfonsd Del Mar: San Alfonsd Del Mar is considered the most luxurious pool in the world. This luxurious pool was established in the year 2007 by Chilean developer Fernando and is situated at the west of Santiago. San Alfonsd Del Mar also has its name in Guinness book of world record. This expensive and luxurious pool is having a depth of eleven feet and is filled with 250,000,000 litres. San Alfonsd Del Mar is almost 1 kilometre in length. If you want to experience the super luxury in the largest pool, then San Alfonsd Del Mar is perfect for you.Seagaia Ocean Dome
  2. Seagaia Ocean Dome: Seagaia Ocean Dome which was constructed by Sheraton group of hotels is also among the world’s most luxurious pool. This expensive and luxurious pool is such an attractive masterpiece. Seagaia Ocean Dome is about hundred meters in length and width respectively. This luxurious pool is having artificial volcano and wave pool with children pool and water slide area. Seagaia Ocean Dome is loved by people of every age group. Luxurious swimming can be enjoyed in Seagaia Ocean Dome and can make your vacations marvellous.
  3. Lev Leviev: Lev Leviev is one of the most luxurious and expensive pools all over the world and is owned by a businessman from Israel. Lev Leviev is located at North London with a facility of steam bath and spa. This luxurious pool has a roof so that it can be covered when needed and is also decorated with gold and mosaic tiles which give it a lavishing and impressive look. About 10 million dollars were spent on the construction of this stunning pool. Lev Leviev will definitely make you feel fun and pleasure.Hearst Castle
  4. Hearst Castle: Hearst Castle is another luxurious pool throughout the world. This luxurious pool is situated in California, USA and owned by William Randolph Hearst. Mosaic tiles and marble were used to decorate this astonishing and attractive pool. Neptune pool and Roman pool were made between 1924 and 1936. One must see this stylish pool to experience the royalty.

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