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Most luxurious restaurants in India

Most luxurious restaurants in India


Food is an important necessity for life. We satisfy our hunger by food. India is well-known for different kinds of cuisines. In India, every state is having its own special and tasty dishes. Indians are considered good food lovers and also known for doing experiments with their food to make it better. There are many renowned Chefs in India, who are making India proud in the matter of food. People from other countries also love the food of India. There are several restaurants in India, where one can get food. Tasty food is the weakness of all Indians. Several luxury restaurants in India serve tasty and good food which is highly popular among people. List of some luxurious restaurants in India is given below:


Most luxurious restaurants in India

  1. Bukhara: Bukhara is a well-known luxurious restaurant situated at Maurya Sheraton in New Delhi. Many famous people from other countries like Bill Clinton also visited this luxury restaurant. Bukhara serves the best Indian food and also north Indian cuisines. Food is prepared by great Chefs and the ambience is also marvellous. One should definitely try the dal makhni of this luxurious restaurant.
  2. Koh: Koh is also among the most popular and luxurious restaurants in India. Koh is situated in Mumbai and was opened by Ian Kittichai who is a famous chef of New York. Koh offers delicious Thai food with an innovative and modern twist. The ambience of this luxurious restaurant makes you feel relax. One should try The Hamachi (Japanese white fish) in Koh. Vegetarians can also enjoy hot stone rice in this luxurious restaurant.
  3. Travertino: Travertino is another luxury restaurant in India. Travertino is situated at The Oberoi in New Delhi. If you are a lover of Italian food, then this luxurious and expensive restaurant is the best place for you. Travertino is also having a desirable collection of cheeses and wines. One should try tagliolini with Umbrian black truffle and pancetta.
  4. Zen: Zen is a popular luxury Pan-Asian restaurant in India which is considered to serve the best food and is situated at Leela Palace in Bangalore. Zen offers specialities of Thai, Balinese, Singaporean, Korean and Japanese which makes it highly popular among food-lovers. One must try Korean Soju or Japanese Sake in this pink-hued luxury restaurants.
  5. Wasabi by Morimoto: Wasabi by Morimoto is a well-known luxury restaurant in India and is situated at The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai. This luxurious restaurant serves special Japanese haute cuisine. Wasabi by Morimoto offers a great combo of Japanese spice and whiskey. Guacamole pani puri with tamarind dressing is one of the famous items of this expensive and luxury restaurant.
  6. Villa 39: Villa 39 is situated at Colaba in Mumbai and is highly appreciated for its ambience which is a great combo of Italian and Indian decor. A glittering chandelier shows the luxury of a restaurant. Villa 39 serves mouth-watering dishes like the Terrina di Mozzarella Caprese (tomato and mozzarella pesto) and The Carpaccio di Manzo (beef carpaccio).

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