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Most Luxurious Pianos in the World

Red Pops for (RED) Parlor Grand

Most Luxurious Pianos in the World

Music can calm your mind and soul. It also brings peace in your hectic routine. There are many people in all over the world who are fond of music. Some listen to music and some like to compose music by using various musical instruments. There are several musical instruments available in the market. Our music industry has gained a remarkable progress. The piano is one of the most familiar musical instruments in the world. The piano is such an attractive musical gadget which is widely used in the parties, restaurants and many other places. Keeping a beautiful piano in the house has become the latest trend. There are many renowned piano artists in the world. Although, a piano is not that much expensive musical gadget but several piano manufacturers have made the most luxurious and expensive pianos in the world. These pianos are loved by rich people as they add glory to their luxurious lifestyle.


Most Luxurious Pianos in the World

 List of some luxurious and expensive pianos in the world is given below:

Crystal Piano, Heintzman
Crystal Piano, Heintzman: Heintzman Crystal Piano is among the most luxurious and expensive pianos in the world. This mesmerizing piano is made up of crystal and has futuristic look and styling. Chinese Pianist Lang Lang first used this luxurious piano in 2008 at the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games. The estimated value of Heintzman Crystal Piano is $3.22 Million.


John Lennon's Steinway Model Z
John Lennon’s Steinway Model Z: Model Z Piano is the result of a collaboration between the Sons and John Lennon and Steinway. The most attractive feature of this luxurious piano is that it is made up of ordinary walnut. This fabulous piano owns a stylish look with elegant appearance. Model Z Piano is well-known for its quality and considered as a landmark in the music industry. British Superstar George Michael purchased this beautiful piano for $2.1 million USD.

Red Pops for (RED) Parlor Grand
Red Pops for (RED) Parlor Grand: Red Pops is another luxurious and expensive piano in the world. This vibrant red and white colour piano was manufactured by Steinway & Sons. With the nickel hardware and silver plate, this grand piano makes a perfect balance between red and white. Red Pops beautifully shows the revolution from classic to contemporary. This expensive piano was auctioned for the price of $1.925 Million.

Sound of Harmony Concert Grand: Another stunning grand piano by Steinway & Sons who are well-known for creating a long history of manufacturing pianos. This luxurious piano is such a masterpiece which is popular for its excellent craftsmanship. Sound of Harmony is highly praised for its different and unique design. This stunning and luxurious piano has an estimated value of $1.63 Million.
Galaxy Piano
Galaxy Piano: Galaxy Piano is considered as the most expensive and luxurious pianos in the world. It is one of its own kinds. This stunning piano features 24K gold plated fibreglass body, curved keys and gold-plated embedded figurines. You can say it’s a thing for rich people. Some parts of this mesmerizing piano were imported from Germany. Galaxy Piano is not an easy thing to get as it comes with a price tag of $1.36 Million.


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