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Most Luxurious Lighters

Most Luxurious Lighters

Need a Light? The Most Luxurious Lighters In The World.

Most Luxurious Lighters

Did you know that a lighter can be a way to show off your wealth? Well, it is really possible. It does not matter if you smoke cheap or expensive cigarettes or cigars, a luxurious lighter can make you feel different in the crowd. Lighter is obviously not a necessity, it is a part of status symbols. Many people love to smoke luxuriously. Several brands are available in the market which manufactures these luxurious lighters which can add glory in your lifestyle. Many rich people like to have a collection of expensive lighters. These lighters are not affordable to everyone. List of most luxurious lighters in the world is given below:

Cartier Dragon Decor Lighter

Cartier Dragon Decor Lighter: This luxurious lighter is popular in all over the world for its elegance. Cartier Dragon Decor Lighter is a part of Cartier’s collection of accessories. It is a limited edition with red and black lacquer. Cartier Dragon Decor Lighter with palladium finish is not just a lighter, it is a glory which can be added to your status. This expensive and luxurious lighter comes with a price tag of $1,500




Dunhill Vintage Lighter 14K Gold Diamond & JadeDunhill

Dunhill Vintage Lighter 14K Gold Diamond & JadeDunhill is a well-known brand for creating timeless and classic lighters. This luxurious lighter by Dunhill made up of 14-carat solid gold, diamond and jade which makes it a unique lighter in all over the world. Dunhill Vintage Lighter is one of its own kinds and its estimated value is between $3,000 – $4,000.


Dunhill Vintage Lighter 14K Solid Gold Diamond Jade 1933 Zippo Lighter

Dunhill Vintage Lighter 14K Solid Gold Diamond Jade 1933 Zippo Lighter: What a timeless piece! 1933 Zippo Lighter is a masterpiece with flimsy hinges. The decorative diagonal lines on it can easily attract buyers. If you want a luxurious lighter with elegance and class, then nothing is better for you than 1933 Zippo Lighter. This luxurious lighter is a thing of rich people as it comes with a price tag of $18,000.

Zippo Lighter. S.T. Dupont Tournaire Phoenix Red Ligne 2

Zippo Lighter”. S.T. Dupont Tournaire Phoenix Red Ligne 2: The name of this luxurious lighter is enough to show its features. This spectacular piece is such a beautiful art. Gold Phoenix in front of S.T. Dupont Tournaire Phoenix Red Ligne 2 is considered to be associated with the Sun. You can see an epic symbolic gesture on this expensive and luxurious lighter. So, are you ready to spend a little amount of $18,000 for this lighter?

Davidoff Collection Prestige Lighter

Davidoff Collection Prestige Lighter: Now, this is what we call a beauty! Davidoff Collection Prestige Lighter is considered as one of the most expensive and unique lighter in the whole world. This luxurious lighter is well-known for perfectly lighting the cigars. It is having diamonds in a line around it which is just mesmerizing. The price tag of this expensive lighter is $19,500.


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