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Most expensive and Luxurious cigar brands around the world.

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Have you ever wondered which most-expensive-and-luxurious-cigar-brands-around-the-world celebrities and characters smoke from movies? 

Although, smoking is really injurious to health still there are a large number of smokers in the world. Smoking is a hobby which is enjoyed by many people. A cigar is expensive than cigarettes. Cigar not only brings unique experience but also adds glory to your status symbol. Cigars are associated with wealth and power. You must have seen in different movies, that rich and famous people smoke valuable cigars which gives them a stylish look. A cigar is not an easy thing to buy as it is considered as very expensive. There are several brands in the world which produce classic cigars. A delicate process is used to make cigars and every cigar comes with its own character and flavour.

List of some most most-expensive-and-luxurious-cigar-brands-around-the-world in the world is given below:

Mayan Sicars

Mayan Sicars: Mayan Sicars is considered as one of the most expensive cigar in the world. These “sicars” were discovered in 2012 and are around 600 years old. They were preserved extremely well and can be smoked. This expensive and luxurious cigar was sold at an auction at the price of $507,000 which is enough to tell the historical value of these sicars. Do you want to smoke Mayan Sicars to get the feeling of old times

Gran Habano no. 5

Gran Habano no. 5: Have you ever heard that a cigar took 1,600 pounds of tobacco to make it? Well, that is true “El Gigante” is the largest cigar in the whole world. The weight of this expensive and luxurious cigar is equivalent of 25,000 cigars. It was created as a display piece for trade shows. As you know some people have a hobby to collect different things. Some rich people also like to collect expensive cigars. This largest cigar was also purchased by a collector at the price of $185,000

King of Denmark

King of Denmark: King of Denmark is among the most expensive and luxurious cigars in the world. The special thing about these cigars is that they can be customized with your name imprinted on them with gold foils, precious metals or diamonds. King of Denmark has also come with a humidor which was designed in the Scandinavian Peninsula customized with silver crown plated in 24 karat gold. Humidor of this expensive cigar will cost extra about $8,500. King of Denmark was sold for $4,500

Gurkha Black Dragon


Gurkha Black Dragon: Gurkha Black Dragon is the rarely available cigar. There are only some selected cigar shops worldwide from where this expensive cigar can be purchased. These luxurious cigars come with the length of 8.5 inches and ring size of 52-inch. Box of Gurkha Black Dragon comes with camel bone chest which is handcrafted. Packing of these cigars is really jaw-dropping with frosted tubes. Being a limited edition, it has a price tag of $23,000 per box

Cohiba Behike

Cohiba Behike: Cohiba Behike first introduced in the market in 2006. These expensive and luxurious cigars are hand rolled with the length of 7.5 inches and ring size of 52-inch. Cohiba is considered as the most popular cigar brand in Cuba. Cohiba Behike was a limited edition and had a chic humidor which was made by Elie Blue in France. The company manufactured only 100 pieces of these cigars with several varieties. The boxes of Cohiba Behike were sold for the price of $18,800 per box.


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