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Most Expensive and Luxury Clothing Brands for Women

Every woman wants to have a unique and stylish collection of clothes. Here are some most expensive and luxury clothing brands for women.

Most Expensive and Luxury Clothing Brands for Women














When we talk about clothes, then the first thing comes to our mind is comfortable, stylish and durable. Some people are very choosy while selecting clothes for them and cost is also not a matter for them to think. Women are fond of shopping of clothes. Every woman wants to have a unique and stylish collection of clothes. Fashion and trend of clothes for women changes very frequently.

List of most expensive clothing brands which are well-known among the fashion lovers around the world is given below:


  1. Gucci: Gucci is probably the most expensive and most popular luxury brand for clothing. This Italian brand always manufactures a wide range of luxurious clothing for every age group. Gucci’s elegant and innovative designs make it a women’s favourite brand.


  2. Prada: Prada’s name is enough to understand its popularity. Prada is a well-known name among the expensive luxury brands for clothing. Prada’s clothing can make you look simple and stylish at the same time. Prada is also one of the largest fashion brands.


  3. Chanel: Chanel is considered to be the brand of famous and rich people. Chanel is among the most expensive luxury brand for clothing. Chanel manufactures unique and exclusive designs which are loved by fashion lovers.

    dolce and gabbana

  4. Dolce and Gabbana: Dolce and Gabbana is a famous expensive luxury brand from Italy. Dolce and Gabbana got popularity because of their exclusive texture and print collection.
  5. Fendi: Fendi is another expensive luxury brand for clothing. Fendi is popular for their collection of fur clothes and also a leading luxury fashion brand in the world.
  6. Armani: Armani is the most expensive as well as the most popular brand in the world. Being an old luxury brand Armani has gained a huge name for their wide range of T-shirts and jeans.
  7. Dior: Dior manufactures sophisticated, elegant and stylish clothes for women. This expensive brand is also considered as a status symbol because of their high-quality products.
  8. Versace: Versace is an Italian fashion brand. Versace offers a wide collection of trendy clothes for women. This expensive luxury brand has always been a favourite brand to women.
  9. Guess: GUESS was founded in the year 1981. Guess is the world’s most expensive luxury brand which is famous for their denim jeans. This brand is loved by youngsters for their stylish and sexy collection.
  10. Valentino: Valentino is a popular expensive luxury clothing brand which specializes in evening wear. Valentino uses fabulous and bold designs for clothing which attracts women who love to wear modern trendy clothes.

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