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Most Expensive Men Shoes Brands in the World

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Shoes are an important part of our accessories. While talking about fashion, shoes cannot be ignored. Men also like to have a wide collection of different kind of shoes. The variety of shoes for men has become very stylish and fashionable. Shoes complete the look of a person. There are many expensive and luxury brands of shoes are there in the world. Now a day, shoes are a part of a status symbol. Buyers attract to the shoes of big brands to get a perfect look. Several brands are making stylish and trendy shoes which have been loved by men.

List of a most expensive brand of shoes for men in the world is given below:

1. Bruno Magli Boots: Bruno Magli Boots is an Italian luxury brand which was founded in 1936. Bruno Magli Boots is one of the most expensive and luxury brand for men’s shoes. Bruno Magli Boots is popularly known for its leather quality.

2. Gucci: Gucci is the second most popular expensive luxury brand for shoes from Italy. Gucci is famous for blending different material for men’s shoes and not limited only to leather.

3. Nike: Nike is considered the most expensive luxury brand for shoes from the United States. Nike is very popular due to its sports style collection. Nike also manufactures a wide range of formal shoes for men.

4. Timberland: Timberland is highly popular for its different kinds of boots collection include leather boots, waterproof boots, hiking boots etc. This expensive luxury brand is most men’s favorite.

5. Rockport: Rockport is a brand from America and among the most expensive luxury brands. Rockport is popularly known in Hollywood. Their collection of comfortable shoes and boots makes it buyer’s favorite.

6. Cole Haan Mens: Cole Haan Mens is an expensive luxury brand which is preferred by most of the men in the world. Cole Haan Mens is famous for manufacturing the waterproof boots.

7. Air Jordan Silver Shoes: Air Jordan Silver Shoes is the most expensive luxury brand in the world. Air Jordan Silver Shoes are the popular status symbol. Shoes of this luxury brand cost in thousands of dollars.

8. Merrell: People who go climbing mountains or do adventurous activities, love Merrell shoes. Merell is an admiring, expensive, luxurious and popular brand for different types of casual and formal shoes for men.

9. Johnston and Murphy: Johnston and Murphy is an expensive luxury brand for those who prefer classy boots. Johnston and Murphy manufacture a wide variety of casual and formal shoes.

10. Salvatore Ferragamo: Salvatore Ferragamo is an Italian expensive luxury brand which was founded in 1920. Salvatore Ferragamo is a very popular brand among Hollywood’s men

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