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Luxury Mattress Brands

In today’s hectic life, sleep is precious to everyone. When we talk about the mattress, the first thing comes to our mind is comfortability. Comfort is considered as the important factor by luxury mattress brands. Now a day, various luxury mattress brands are manufacturing mattress according to requirement and need of buyers. Many luxury mattress brands are offering great comfort with different kinds of mattresses like fibre, airbed, memory foam etc. There is a high competition between the brands of luxury mattresses. It has become difficult to choose the best one among all of them.

While buying mattresses, one should always care about comfortability, size, heat retention, affordability and longevity. A good mattress is an important reason for a good sleep and a good sleep brings a calm mind, energy and enthusiasm.

Below is the list of some luxury mattress brands. Let’s have a look:

  1. Serta: Serta is a famous luxury mattress brand from America which was founded in 1931. Serta manufactures mattresses with innerspring and natural latex which makes it a popular brand.
  2. Sealy: Sealy is also one of the most well-known luxury mattress brands. Sealy was founded in Texas in 1881. Sealy is highly famous for manufacturing mattresses with compressed cotton.
  3. Hastens: Hastens was founded in 1852. Hastens is one of the most expensive and luxury mattress brand. Hastens sells handmade mattresses with a long warranty period which make this a unique brand.
  4. E.S. Kluft: E.S. Kluft is one of the most popular expensive and luxury mattress brands. E.S. Kluft manufactures unique designs for mattresses with many features. The mattresses of E.S. Kluft are hand-stitched.
  5. Magniflex Mattress: Magniflex Mattress is a luxury mattress brand from Italy. Magniflex Mattress manufactures mattresses on a very large scale. Magniflex Mattress is famous for its super quality mattresses.
  6. Ashley: If you snore, then Ashley mattresses will surely help you. Ashley is among the popular luxury mattress brands. Ashley is well-known for making mattresses according to one’s need and also gives adjustable base.
  7. DUX mattress: DUX mattress is a luxury mattress brand which is manufacturing mattresses with a unique spring system for a long time. Mattresses of DUX also help in removing back pain.
  8. Hypnos: Hypnos is one of the famous luxury mattress brands. Mattresses of Hypnos are handmade and hand-stitched in England. Hypnosis well-known for providing mattresses to the British Royal Family.
  9. Astrabeds: Astrabeds is another luxury mattress brand which manufactures mattresses by the natural and organic material. Each mattress of Astrabeds is crafted in the USA.
  10. Comfortaire: Comfortaire is among the old luxury mattress brands. Comfortaire is well-known for their high-quality material. Mattresses of Comfortaire have a long life and Comfortaire also offers a warranty of 25 years.

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