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Luxury Chairs in the World

Luxury Chairs in the World

Luxury Chairs in the World


A chair is a piece of furniture. Chairs are being used very commonly at each and every place. There are many kinds of luxury chairs which can be seen in the market like the dragon chair, Marc Newson Lockheed lounge chair etc. Every person has a different body posture. One should always take care of comforts while purchasing a chair. There are several brands in the market which are offering luxurious chairs made of fine quality leather and those chairs also bring great comfort. It has been a status symbol for rich people of having luxurious furniture in the house. A luxurious chair can add glory to a lavishing house. List of some luxury chairs in the world is given below:

  1. The Dragons Chair: The Dragons Chair is considered to be the most luxurious and expensive chair in the world and was designed in the year 1971 by Eileen Gray. The Dragons Chair has been made of pure and super quality brown leather. This luxurious chair is also having a wooden frame which gives it marvellous look. The Dragons Chair was sold for $27.8 million which shows its expensiveness.

  2. Pininfarina`s Aresline Xten: Pininfarina`s Aresline Xten is believed to be the most comfortable chair in the whole world. This luxurious chair was designed by Pininfarina which is an Italian car design company. Aresline Xten is made with the latest technology and also brings fantastic comfort to its sitter. Because of the comforts of this luxurious chair, one can sit on it for many hours. Aresline Xten comes in many different colors and comes with a price tag of $105 million.

  3. Marc Newson Lockheed Lounge Chair: Lockheed Lounge Chair is another luxurious chair which was designed by a renowned designer Marc Newson. This luxurious chair has been covered by the best quality rubber with having three legs and very smoothly curved. In 2006, Lockheed Lounge Chair was sold at the price of $968,000. This expensive and luxurious chair can also be seen in the music video by Madonna, a renowned singer.

  4. Limited Edition Banquet Chair: If you love attractive chairs then Banquet Chair is the perfect choice for you. Banquet Chair was designed in 2006 by Humberto Campana and Fernando. Embroidered pandas can be seen on this luxurious chair. Seat legs are made up of stainless steels. Banquet Chair comes with a price tag of almost $85,000.
  5. Chieftains Chair: Chieftains Chair is also one of the most luxurious chairs in the world and was designed by Finn Juhl. Chieftains Chair was made of teak and walnut which makes it a unique chair. The leather of fine quality was used in this luxurious chair. Chieftains Chair is said to be very comfortable and comes with a price of $15.970.

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