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Best Luxury Pen Brands in the World

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When you think about a pen, first you think to write. But in today’s era, pens are not only for writing, they are also a status symbol. Pens are such a common item that it is being used by every person in routine life. Luxury pens make writing experience very marvellous. For students, good pens are extremely important because of the time limit in exams. One should always have a smooth pen with which one can write comfortably. The grip of the pen should also be comfortable otherwise you can feel obstacles while writing. Many renowned luxury pen brands are there in the world. These luxury brands offer a wide variety of pens with high quality. Many celebrities also featured in the advertisement for Luxury pen brands.


List for some Luxury Pen Brands is given below:


  1. Parker: Parker does not need any recognition because it is popular in the whole world for its high-class looking pens. Parker was established in the year 1888. Pens of this luxury brand are commonly used by professionals for autographs or signatures.
  2. Mont Blanc: Mont Blanc is one of the most expensive and luxurious brands in the world and was established in 1906. Mont Blanc also got the title for the most expensive pens in all over the world. Mont Blanc pens are well-known for their style.
  3. Sheaffer: Sheaffer is also another luxury pen brand in the world. Sheaffer is highly popular for making writing comfortable. If you want a pen, which can be easily fit in your hand and also a stylish and elegant one, then Sheaffer pens are definitely made for you.
  4. Aurora: Aurora is among the most renowned and luxurious pen brands of the world. Aurora belongs to Italy and was started in 1919. Aurora specializes in manufacturing pens for writers. Authors use the pens of Aurora to produce something special and different.
  5. Cross: Cross is a popular luxury pen brand from America and was started in 1846. Because of the quality and comfort of products, Cross was also considered as the best selling pen brand of the world.
  6. Camlin: Camlin is an Italian luxury pen brand and was started in 1931. Camlin was also considered as the best pen producing a brand of the world. Camlin not only manufactures pens but also other stationary items.
  7. Papermate: Papermate is among the most stylish and luxurious pen brands of the world. Features of this luxury brand products are perfect. Papermate is having a drawback which is lack of availability of its products in many countries. Products of Papermate are only available in few countries.
  8. Hero: Hero is a luxurious but an inexpensive pen brand in the world. The hero is highly popular because of its availability. Hero is also an author’s choice. Products of Hero are mainly preferred for writing purposes because of its quality.

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