Top Luxurious Police Cars in the World

Most Luxurious Police Cars in the World

You must have seen luxurious police cars in the movies, but do you know that some countries actually own luxurious cars like Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, Bugatti for their police department? Yes, that’s true. Police have to perform various tasks for which they need high speed of their vehicles. Government of some countries understood the need of police and gave them luxurious cars to do their duty with perfection. These luxurious police cars are famous in all over the world. Now, super or luxurious cars not only owned by famous and rich people; there are police departments of some countries who own these expensive cars as well. List of some countries which are having most luxurious and expensive cars for their police is given below:

1. Aston Martin One-77: This luxurious car is considered as the most expensive and exclusive police car in the world. Dubai police owns Aston Martin One-77 which is enough to show their wealthy lifestyle. Dubai police make huge spending for their special luxary cars to catch the people who break the law. With excellent speed and other distinct features, this expensive and luxurious car add glory to the glorious Dubai. Aston Martin One-77 comes with a price tag of about $2 million.

Aston Martin One 772. Bugatti Veyron: Dubai is well-known for its richness, so its again on the list for owning the most luxurious and Expensive cars for their police. Local police of Dubai have high-end vehicles to chase criminals. Bugatti Veyron can go from 0 to 62 mph in 2.46 seconds and reach up to the speed of over 250 mph. Police cars of Dubai are also a major tourist attraction. Dubai police also owns many luxurious cars like Lamborghini Aventador, Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari FF etc.

bugatti veyron police car imag dubai police3. Mercedes-Benz Brabus Rocket CLS: This luxurious car was considered as the fastest police car when it went up to the speed of 227.2 miles per hour. This super car owns by Germany for their police department. Mercedes-Benz Brabus Rocket CLS with its amazing design follows the criminals or those who break laws with its powerful features. The estimated value of this luxurious car is $580,000.

Mercedes-Benz Brabus Rocket CLS4. Lamborghini Aventador: This luxurious car is also an another member of Dubai police department. Have you seen a beast of white and green color running on road? Well, that’s exactly Lamborghini Aventador is all about. This expensive and luxurious car is having V12 engine and can reach up to the speed of 350 km/h. In 2.9 seconds, it accelerates from naught to 60 mph. Its really not an easy thing to buy as this car is having value of about $450,000.

Lamborghini AventadorLamborghini Aventador5. Ferrari FF: Dubai owns a marvelous collection of luxury cars for their police divisions. In Dubai, you can see Ferrari FF patrolling the streets which is such an amazing attraction. This expensive and luxurious car can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.7 seconds and can also reach up to the top speed of 335 km/h. Don’t you want a ride in Ferrari FF? But for that you have to break law in tourist areas of Dubai. The value of this fastest car is $400,000.

Ferrari FF

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