Top 5 luxury concert halls in the world

Most Luxurious concert halls in the world

Have you seen your favorite artist performing live? If not, then luxurious concert halls are waiting for your presence. Almost everybody in this world like music and outdoor concerts are loved by all as they are full of fun and enjoyment. Experience of visiting a live concert is really unforgettable. Concert halls are basically a place for music lovers and their enjoyment. People can see their favorite star or artist performing in front of them. To get this unique experience many people visit concert halls. There are many concert halls in the world but some of them are highly luxurious which can give you a unique atmosphere to enjoy. List of some well-known luxurious concert halls in the world is given below:

1. Wiener Musikverein: Wiener Musikverein is considered as among the oldest operas in the world and is located at Vienna, Austria. By taking inspiration from ancient Greek temples, Theophil Hansen designed this luxurious opera house. It is having two concert halls, a Golden hall with 1,744 seats, a chamber music hall and also a standing room for almost 300.

Wiener Musikverein2. Berlin Philharmonie: Berlin Philharmonie is also considered as one of the most luxurious concert hall in the world. This popular concert hall was designed by Hans Scharoun and was opened in 1963. Its main hall is having 2,440 seats and also a chamber music hall with 1,180 seats. One must visit Berlin Philharmonie to get mesmerizing memories.

Berlin Philharmonie3. Concertgebouw: This luxurious jaw dropping building was opened in 1888 and was designed by renowned designer Adolf Leonard van Gendt. Concertgebouw is situated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and is considered as the most visited concert halls in all over the world. Along with a main hall, it is also having a Recital hall of oval shape with 437 seats. This luxurious concert hall witnesses 900 concerts every year.

Concertgebouw4. Boston Symphony Hall: Have you ever heard that a concert hall has built on scientific acoustical engineering? Well, Boston Symphony Hall makes it true. This luxurious hall was made in 1900 for Boston Symphony Orchestra and is located in USA. Each seat in this hall gets ideal sound because of their designing. Boston Symphony Hall has a very charming building and is considered as the best for orchestral performances.

Boston Symphony Hall

5. Walt Disney Concert Hall: Walt Disney Concert Hall was opened in 2003 and is situated in Los Angeles, USA. This luxurious concert hall was designed by popular designer, Frank Gehry. The concert organ of Walt Disney Concert Hall is the main attraction of the hall. This marvelous organ was designed by Frank Gehry and the organ builder Manuel Rosales. You will be amazed by the beautiful architecture of this fabulous building.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

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