In earlier times, travelling by air was not simply available for an average person. People considered to travel by air a marvelous privilege. Back then, only celebrities, extremely wealthy people or elected official used to travel by air. But now, Traveling by jet has become very common. Millions of passengers travel by jet everyday which shows that airline travel business has gained an amazing growth. Despite of a common mean of transport, private jets are still for wealthy and rich class people. Private jets are bought by those who want a luxurious life and luxurious travelling. Some people can’t tolerate flight cancellations and because of their busy schedule, they also can’t wait for flights, so they prefer to have their own private jet. Many people take this as a status symbol too. There are many rich people who are having their own luxury private jets. List of some luxurious private jets in the world has given below :

 1. Airbus A380 : Airbus A380 is a world’s largest passenger airliner and now it is owned by a Prince of Saudi ‘Alwaleed bin Talal’. He uses it as his private jet. This luxury private jet has two levels with recreational rooms, a suite and a lot of living space. Airbus A380 is considered very reliable and efficient luxurious private jet.

Airbus A3802. Boeing 747 : luxurious private jet which is owned by the real estate businessman Joseph Lau. Boeing 747 is filled with uncountable luxuries and amenities. Boeing 747 has a private office area, recreational spaces and personal suites also. Boeing 747 is having more fuselage and is also a more efficient airliner.

Boeing 747 jets

3. Gulfstream G-550 : Gulfstream G-550 is a luxurious private jet with the price of nearly sixty-million dollars. Gulfstream G-550 is owned by Lakshmi Mittal who is an Indian billionaire and another Gulfstream G-550 is owned by Phillip Green who is a British businessman. Gulfstream G-550 is an excellent performer and having good vision systems. Gulfstream G-550 is considered as the fast and safe plane for traveling.

Gulfstream G-550 4. Bombardier Global 7000  : Bombardier Global 7000 is also the choice of Bill Gates who is the richest person of the world. Bombardier Global 7000 is a very popular luxurious private jet with new T-tail and also advanced features like supercritical wings. This luxury private jet has dining area, living spaces and also large windows.

Bombardier Global 7000

5. Boeing Business Jet : Boeing Business Jet is among the most unique and luxurious private jets in the world. Boeing Business Jet is having a large cabin space. Boeing Business Jet is also very popular for having many exclusive features like a wide living space, dining area, meeting area, suites, staff room and also a lounge. Boeing Business Jet is considered to be the most sophisticated and luxurious private jet.

Boeing Business Jet

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