Most Luxurious Parking Spots in the World

Most Luxurious Parking Spots in the World


Car parking is considered as the big issue for car owners. Whether you are going to a party, school, college, or anywhere else, a hassle free parking is always needed. For every place, parking is essential. Now a day, cars are not that much expensive so many people can afford it. With car, it is necessary to have a parking place too to park your cars easily. Some big and luxurious hotels also provide the facility of valet station in which their hired drivers park the cars and also deliver it to the main gate. When people don’t get a place for parking, they place it on an odd place which causes accidents. Although, the traffic police has strict laws in which they can fine the person for wrong parking. But still, parking issue never ends and you to park your vehicles at another place than your actual destination. There are several luxurious parking spots in the world for which some people pay excessive amount for their car space. List of some luxurious parking spots in the world is given below:  luxurious parking spots

  1. USS Ronald Reagan: Parking problem is not an issue only for common man, in fact it also bothers navy persons who don’t have offices on land. So where do they park their vehicles? Well, they use the deck of big naval ship as their parking station. But, parking on these big naval ships is not just a piece of cake because it costs too much. If you have heard about the USS Ronald Reagan ship, then you must know that it costs $4.5 billion to park the vehicles of navy officers which is such a huge amount.
  2. Hamilton Scotts: Hamilton Scotts is considered as one of the most expensive and luxurious parking spots in the world. This large building of 30 floors is located in Singapore. Hamilton Scotts offers their penthouse for rent which is having parking space costs $24 million but the main attraction is that you can take your vehicle directly to the doorstep of your apartment. Will you park your vehicle at Hamilton Scotts for such a big amount?
  3. Hotel Ritz: This luxurious parking spots is situated in the city of lights, Paris. Hotel Ritz is among the most expensive and luxurious hotels. A room in this luxurious hotel can costs almost $22,000 for a night. If you are gonna stay in Hotel Ritz for a whole year, then you will get a parking also with your room but it is not easily affordable as it will cost almost $7.9 million. Isn’t it a good price to get a parking space?
  4. Moon: Well, you read it right, we are talking about real moon. You are may be shocked to see moon on the list of luxurious parking spots in the world. Apollo mission has brought a great advancement in technology because Apollo brought man to moon. Because of this mission, we got to know that the cost of parking per vehicle on moon will be around $3 million which shows that the cost on moon will be really very high. So, work hard, earn huge money and get a space for parking on moon.
  5. 66 E. 11th Street: You all know that New York is considered as the most populated as well as expensive place in the world and also having the most expensive parking spots. If you want to park your vehicle in Condominium Building which is located at the posh section of the city called Greenwich Village, then you have to pay almost $1 million each year for parking. That is why, we introduced 66 E. 11th Street in this list of luxurious parking spaces in the world.


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