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Most Luxurious Lamp ligths in the World

Most Luxurious Lamp lights in the World
Most Luxurious Lamp lights in the World

A good light can transform your bad mood to a good mood. Light has a very important place in our lives as it is a practical necessity. When you own a luxury home then you also want luxury lights in your home to enhance its styling. Lamps are highly being used in houses for lights and they can also be used for decorating your house. There are several lamps available in the market in different shapes and sizes. Lamps of retro look and modern look both are very much in trend. Some luxury conscious people love to have antique lamps in their homes to show off their wealth and the high prices of these luxurious lamps do not bother them. Lamps can light up your home and workplace with beautiful lighting which also brings freshness in aura. There are several brands in the market which are manufacturing lamps with distinct features according to the requirements of their clients. List of some most luxurious and expensive lamps is given below:

  1. Pink Lotus Tiffany Lamp: This piece of art is one of its own kinds and is considered as the most luxurious and expensive lamp in the world. Pink Lotus Tiffany Lamp was created in 1907 by the Tiffany Studios. This colorful luxurious lamp is hand pieced and hand crafted. It is such an eye-catchy lamp which can mesmerize you by its form of lotus flower. This luxurious lamp is the favorite choice of many rich collectors. The estimated value of this delicate lamp is $2,8 million.

Pink Lotus Tiffany Lamp2. Dragonfly Tiffany Table Lamp: Tiffany studio is well-known for making some unusual and expensive items for rich collectors. This luxurious lamp is a perfect example of art and history. Dragonfly Tiffany Table Lamp is among the most expensive and luxurious lamps in the world. This fascinating lamp is a rarest one and is having intricate design. This luxurious and valuable lamp comes with a price tag of $2.110.000.

Dragonfly Tiffany Table Lamp3. Kuwaiti Mall Chandelier: This luxurious hanging lamp is no longer available for the viewers as it was destroyed by a disgruntled teenager when he threw shoe at it. Kuwaiti Mall Chandelier was considered as the most expensive lighting from the Middle East. It is believed that this Chandelier had something divine in it which made it more attractive. The estimated value of this chandelier was $1,8 million.

Kuwaiti Mall Chandelier4. Salviati Chandelier: Another luxurious hanging lamp is for those who like something different and unique. This masterpiece was created by a renowned Italian designer Giulio Salviati. Salviati Chandelier is an exclusive item made during 19th century. This glamorous and elegant piece of lighting is made up of Murano glass which is considered to be rare and gold-tint. The estimated value of Salviati Chandelier is $1 million.

Salviati Chandelier5. Tifanny’s Wisteria Table Lamp: This luxurious lamp is also manufactured from the manufactures of iconic art, Tiffany Studio. Wisteria Table Lamp was designed in 1901 by Clara Driscoll. This beautiful lamp is the marvelous combination of Japanese influences and floral art. Wisteria Table Lamp is made up of 2000 pieces which makes it exotic and unique. In 2015, it was sold for $790.000.

Salviati Chandelier

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