Phones are considered as the most preferred mean of communication. In earlier times, phones were not that common as they are today. There is hardly any person who does not own phone. When we talk about communication, then phone is the first thing which comes in our mind. Phones are being used everywhere like home, offices, schools, hospitals etc. Mobile phones were very rare earlier but now they have become a necessity. People of today’s era can’t live without mobile phones because mobile phones give us the freedom to communicate with others at anytime and anywhere. Mobile phones with advanced technologies and features are very popular in the market. Some people consider mobile phones as their status symbol which can show off their wealthy lifestyle. There are several brands in the market which are manufacturing the most expensive and luxurious mobile phones which can’t be afford by an average income person. These kinds of mobile phones are purchased by very rich people who own luxurious lifestyle. List of some Luxurious and Expensive Mobile Phones in the World is given below:

  1. Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6: Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 is considered to be the most expensive and luxurious mobile phone in the world. A huge diamond of 18 carat which is studded on this luxurious device, makes it unique as well as the most expensive mobile phone. Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 comes with latest features and also with a price of 95.5 million dollars.Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 62. iPhone 5 Black Diamond: iPhone devices are already considered very expensive and exclusive, but iPhone 5 Black Diamond is among the most expensive and luxurious mobile phones in the whole world. iPhone 5 Black Diamond has black diamond which is the rarest one. Many other stones along with gold and diamonds are studded to this luxury device, which makes it an exclusive mobile phone. iPhone 5 Black Diamond comes with the price of 15.3 million dollar.

iPhone 5 Black Diamond3. iPhone 3G King’s Button: iPhone 3G King’s Button is also one of the most expensive and luxurious phones in the world. This luxury mobile phone is popularly known for its Home button which is made up of 6.6 carat diamond which adds a marvelous grace to this device. Apart from that, iPhone 3G King’s Button is also made from 18 carat yellow gold along with rose gold and white gold. iPhone 3G King’s Button comes with 138 diamonds and also with a price of 1.5 million Dollars.

iPhone 5 Black Diamond

4. GoldVish Le Million: GoldVish Le Million was made by Emmanuel Gueit (a renowned designer) and was launched in Switzerland. This luxurious device is made up of pure white gold of 18 carat. One business man from Russia bought GoldVish Le Million for 1 million Euros in 2006. GoldVish Le Million comes with 120 carat VVS1 graded diamonds and with a price of 1.3 million Dollars

GoldVish Le Million


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