Top 5 Luxurious Nightclubs in the World

Have you heard about ‘Nightlife’? Well, that’s exactly what Nightclubs are all about. A night-out is really a fun time and to be in the nightclubs at night can add more amazing experience. Nightclubs are especially loved by youth. If you are planning to go out with friends then nightclubs are one of the best places to hang out. Loud music, making new friends, unlimited drinks and long and beautiful conversations are the main attractions of nightclubs. Nightclubs are a great place for parties with Disco lights, Disco jockey and so much of good music. Nightclubs can also relieve stress of your hectic day. A huge crowd can be seen in the nightclubs at the weekends. In today’s stressful life, everyone wants some entertainment and nightclubs can be one of those entertaining places. There are several nightclubs located in almost every city. Some of the nightclubs are very expensive and luxurious which are affordable to everyone. List of some Luxurious Nightclubs in the World is given below:

  1. Pangaea: Pangaea is considered to be as the most expensive and luxurious nightclub of the world and is situated in Singapore. This luxurious nightclub has amazing features which make it different from others like granite podiums, bar stools made by Saur tree trunks, furniture from Ralph Lauren and much more. View of celebrities is common here. Famous people like Leonardo di Caprio, Prince Harry, Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss have also visited this expensive and luxurious nightclub.

Pangaea Nightclubs


2. Le Baron: Le Baron is an another popular and luxurious nightclub in all over the world and is located in Paris. Its really unbelievable that this luxurious nightclub can only hold 150 guests. Interior of dark wood and red velvet is amazingly attractive. Its a great place for party animals. Many celebrities commonly visit Le Baron nightclub for having a fabulous party experience. Its a party place for Lindsay Lohan, Sophia Coppola, Mary-Kate Olsen and other famous personalities.

Le Baron

3. XS: Las Vegas is very well-known for its night life and XS nightclub which is located in Las Vegas is among the most luxurious and expensive nightclubs in the world. Gold-plated interiors, glittering pool, famous DJs, 30 cabanas, fabulous dance floor are the main attractions of this luxurious nightclub. If you want a luxurious party with an elegant atmosphere and all th fun, then XS nightclub is a perfect place for you.


4. Cavalli Club: Cavalli Club is among the most luxurious nightclubs in the world and is located in Dubai. This luxurious nightclub belongs to a renowned fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. Cavalli Club is having dazzling interior with leopard print in Lounge and this luxurious nightclub covers three floors. Chandeliers with Swarovski crystals are the main attractions of this expensive and luxurious nightclub. Cavalli Club also offers couture designs by Roberto Cavalli.

Cavalli Club

5. Dagio: Berlin is well-known for its nightlife and Adagio which is situated in Berlin, adds more glory to the nightlife of city. Adagio has an impressive reputation. Ceilings of this luxurious nightclub are covered with mesmerizing art opulence. Furniture in Adagio is also very modern. Celebrities like Rihanna, George Clooney and Michael Jackson also visited in this faux historic façade nightclub.


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