Top Most Luxurious Movie Theaters in the World

Most Luxurious Movie Theatres in the World

In today’s hectic life, everyone needs to relax for sometimes. Entertainment is the best way to relieve stress. Now a day, there are several ways to get entertained. People entertain themselves by doing different activities like playing games, watching movies, going on vacations and many more. Movies have become one of the best way of entertainment. In previous times, less movies were used to release but now, there are number of movies releasing every week. Now, mostly people like to watch movie in theater. On weekends, you can see a huge crowd in movie theaters. There are several theaters situated in every city and country. These theaters offer comfortable seats and amazing sound qualities. People who are luxury-conscious like to go to the luxury theaters which offer them great features like comfortable beds instead of seats, large screen than others, fantastic sound quality and much more. Luxury and expensive movie Theaters provide numerous facilities and are not affordable to everyone. List of some luxury movie Theaters in the world is given below:

1.FLOATING ARCHIPELAGO CINEMA: This luxury cinema is considered as the most luxurious movie Theater in the world. Floating Archipelago Cinema is located in Thailand. The best part of this luxury cinema is that it is situated on a island with mesmerizing views. People can watch movie through a boat which makes it a unique movie theater. The attraction of Floating Archipelago Cinema is really jaw-dropping.


2. OLYMPIC MUSIC HALL: This is what we can call comfort! Olympic Music Hall is situated in France and is designed in a very different style. Instead of seats, this luxury movie theater offers beds to their customers. Olympic Music Hall gives home-like feeling to the people who watch movies there. The amazing music system and large screen adds glory to this luxury cinema. This kind of arrangement is really loved by couples.


3. SCI-FI DINE-IN THEATER: Have you ever seen movie theater in a car? Well, that’s exactly Sci-Fi-Dine-In Theater offers to you. Seats of this luxury movie theater are in the shape of cars with a front-table. Sci-fi-Dine-In Theater brings the feeling of watching movie while travelling in a car. The walls of this luxury theater are also designed well with fabulous scenery. The unique idea of Sci-fi-Dine-In Theater attracts a lot of people and gives them unforgettable memories.


4. ELECTRIC CINEMA: Electric Cinema is well-known for its classy and different style and is situated in UK. This luxury movie theater has many attractive paintings, mirrors, lamps and many other things which make it like a mesmerizing event. Electric Cinema has chairs of red color made by leather and it also has beds for those who want to have a comfortable and romantic environment while watching movie.


5. CINETECA MATADERO: Cineteca Matadero is like a historical movie theater and also considered as one of the most luxurious movie theaters of the world. This luxurious movie theater is located in Spain. The roof of Cineteca Matadero is fully covered with lights which makes it a unique and different theater. People can watch more than one film at a time as this luxury movie theater is having two screens.


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