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In earlier times, people used to do a lot of physical work which helped them to stay fit. In today’s hectic life where people are indulged in office work, hardly get any time to exercise. Everyone wants to stay fit, as a healthy body can make a healthy mind. Now a day, people are aware of many techniques by which one can be healthy and fit. To be healthy one should always takes care about two things: healthy diet and exercise. The gym industry has witnessed a rapid growth as now people are more conscious about their fitness. Many people go to fitness centers everyday. There are several gyms in India. Many luxurious fitness centers are equipped with highly advanced machines for physical exercise. Every fitness center also has a qualified trainer who trains people according to their health. Going to a luxurious fitness center is also a part of status symbol for some people. List of some of the luxurious fitness centers in India is given below:

  1. Gold’s Gym: Gold’s Gym is considered to be the most popular and luxurious gym in India. Chain of Gold’s gym was started by Joe Gold in California. Gold’s gym has many centers in all over India and also offers great features to their clients like group exercises, advanced exercise machines, personal trainers who help clients. Gold’s Gym also offers yoga sessions, cardio sessions, salsa classes, cross training and circuit training which helps people to less their stress and strengthens their body. If you are a fitness freak, then Gold’s gym is perfect for you.

golds gym

2. Vivafit Fitness Center: Vivafit Fitness Center is also among the most luxurious and famous fitness ceners in India. Vivafit Fitness Center is originally from Portugal and now having many centers in India. This luxurious fitness center is considered to be well-equipped by latest equipments which are highly effective. Vivafit Fitness Center encourages women for regular exercise and also promotes good diet plans. Mickey Mehta who is also known as Health Guru is the brand Ambassador of Vivafit Fitness Center. This luxurious fitness center provides a very soothing and pleasant environment which attracts its customers.

Vivafit Fitness Center

3. Fitness One: Fitness One is an another popular and luxurious gym chain in India. Fitness One is well-known for providing many impressive services like Sports training, fitness training, physiotherapy, Nutrition and many more. This luxurious fitness center brings many benefits to its customers like free trial class for one day, health club membership for free and they also provide discount to family members for membership. Fitness One also shows the commitment towards good health and dedication for overall fitness. If you are willing to get healthy in a better way, then join Fitness One soon for your growth.

Fitness One

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