Most Expensive Penthouses in The World

Most Expensive Penthouses in The World

In a residential building, a penthouse is considered to be the most impressive and exclusive apartment. There are many millionaires in the world, who love to live luxurious life and high prices of real estate do not bother them. Penthouses are popular for having great views. These luxury penthouses offer great amenities and luxurious interiors. Luxurious penthouse can be a dream of almost every person on this planet. Most of the people cannot afford these expensive and luxurious penthouses but for some rich people expensive real estate does not matter. List of some luxurious and expensive penthouses in the world is given below:

  1. Sky Penthouse, Tour Odeon, Monaco: Sky Penthouse is considered to be the most expensive and luxurious penthouse in the whole world. This luxurious penthouse is having 3 staff bathrooms, 5 main bedrooms, glass balconies, movie room, floor-to-ceiling windows, a private lounge, sauna, gym and also a water slide with an infinity pool. Sky Penthouse is located at 170 meters above sea level. Most of the people cannot afford this luxurious penthouse as it costs around $387 million.

Sky Penthouse, Tour Odeon, Monaco2. Penthouse D, One Hyde Park, London: Have you ever heard about a penthouse which is protected by British Special Forces? Well, One Hyde Park penthouse offers the same. This luxurious penthouse is one of the extremely luxurious and secretive residences in all over the world. One Hyde Park is offering bullet-proof floor-to ceiling windows, private gym, 24 hours room service, 5 bedrooms, study rooms, private wine-tasting facility etc. This expensive and luxurious penthouse is a two storey penthouse which is having 1580 square meters. This luxurious dream home was sold at the price of approximately $237 million.

Penthouse D, One Hyde Park, London3. Pierre Hotel Penthouse: This luxurious penthouse is situated in New York and among the most finest and expensive penthouses in the world. Pierre Hotel Penthouse is well-known for its classy look of 1930’s with modern architecture. This penthouse is a three storey penthouse which is featuring a Swedish sauna, five master suites, five fireplaces, guest suites, private elevator, arched windows, four kitchens, six bathrooms, four terraces, three powder rooms etc. Pierre Hotel Penthouse is well-equipped with all the modern amenities and its estimated cost is $125 million.

Pierre Hotel Penthouse4. City Spire Penthouse: City Spire Penthouse is located in New York and is considered as one of the most priciest penthouses in the world. Being in an octagonal shape, this luxurious penthouse occupies three floors which include six bedrooms, private elevator, nine bathrooms, a conference room, entertainment room, a gallery, staff apartment, dining room and also a 1000-bottle wine cellar. City Spire Penthouse is a highly luxurious penthouse with all the amenities. The estimated cost of this expensive penthouse is $100 million.

City Spire Penthouse5. One57 Penthouse, New York: This luxurious penthouse is situated 306 meters above sea level. One57 Penthouse offers floor-to-ceiling windows, six bedrooms, private glass-enclosed garden, a swimming pool etc. and also brings beautiful views. One57 Penthouse is considered as one of the ultra-luxurious and expensive penthouses in the all over the world. It was purchased by Manager of hedge fund, William Ackman at the price of $90 million. The price of this luxurious penthouse has made it clear that its a thing for rich and common people can only have a dream of it.

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