Best Tie Brands in the world

Best Tie Brands in the world


One should agree on this term that in business world your calling card is tie. Without Tie, look of executive men is incomplete. Instead of being a small piece of cloth, Tie is a very important part of our formal look. You can have a sophisticated look by wearing a tie. Tie is usually worn in business meetings, conferences, and important occasions. Ties are also popular in fashion industry. Tie brings a different look to the owner. Today, many different brands are manufacturing ties of different styles and patterns with high quality fabric. Some brands also producing very expensive ties. Luxury brands of ties are getting more popularity day by day. List of some luxury tie brands in the world is given below :

  1. Burberry : Burberry does not need any recognition because of its popularity and fame. Burberry ties collection is highly appreciated by luxury tie lovers. Burberry offers a wide collection of striped silk-knitted ties which are purchased by those who wants casual as well as luxury ties.
  2. Hermes : Hermes is a highly popular luxury brand for clothing. Hermes offers handmade ties with subtle designs and super fine quality silk. Hermes ties are worn by those who wants to enjoy luxury. Ties of Hermes have marvelous touch.
  3. Andrew’s Ties : Andrew’s Ties is a well-known old luxurious brand for ties. Andrew’s Ties manufactures very stylish, trendy and fashionable ties which enhances the personality of wearer. Andrew’s Ties collection is suitable for all occasions and can be perfectly worn with formal attire.
  4. Stefano Ricci : Stefano Ricci is popular for manufacturing luxurious silk satin ties. Stefano Ricci’s ties are also considered as the expensive ties in the world. Ties made by Stefano Ricci can look lavishing with almost every suit. Stefano Ricci also produces a wide collection of formal ties.
  5. Christian Lacroix : Christian Lacroix is among the most luxurious and expensive brands of the world. Christian Lacroix manufactures ties with fine quality silk and exclusive designs. Christian Lacroix is well-known for the cuts in fabric in different patterns. Christian Lacroix’s ties can enhance one’s personality.
  6. Roberto Cavalli : Roberto Cavalli is considered as one of the most expensive and luxurious brands for ties. Roberto Cavalli is populary known for its exotic and bold prints. In 2014, Roberto Cavalli introduced a collection of ties with fantasy patterns, 100 % silk and narrow width for the price of $1,050.
  7. Ermenegildo Zegna : Ermenegildo Zegna ia also a luxury brand which offers a marvelous collection of ties. One of the famous edition for ties was ‘Tokyo Tie’. It was a pure silk tie with Mount Fuji print. Ermenegildo Zegna also provides high class material to many renowned brands.tie
  8. Charvet : Charvet was founded by Christofle Charvet in 1838. Charvet is one of the most luxurious as well as expensive brand which manufactures stylish neckties. Charvet uses a specific kind of silk-fabric which makes it a unique brand. Patterned by Chervat, made in France, Paisley Swirl Tie are some of the well-known products of this luxury brand.
  9. Turnbull&Asser : Turnbull&Asser is a British manufacturer and holds the Royal Warrant from Prince Wales which makes it a proud luxury brand. Turnbull&Asser offers luxurious handmade ties with super fine quality and perfect craftsmenship. Ties manufactured by Turnbull&Asser are spotted, striped, patterned, slim or sikud.
  10. Ralph Lauren Corporation : Ralph Lauren founded this popular luxurious American brand in 1967. Ralph Lauren Corporation manufactures perfect ties for formal nights. Ties of Ralph Lauren Corporation offers a even and smooth knot which shows glamour and elegance of this luxury brand.


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