Top 7 Luxury Diamond Jewellry Brands in India

expensive Diamond jewelry brands
expensive Diamond jewelry brands

Jewellry is loved by mostly all the women on earth. Jewellry has become an important part to complete the look of a woman. Every woman wants to look different and beautiful, diamond helps them to enhance their personalities. Diamond looks really lavishing while worn in the form of jewelry. In past few years, diamond industry has witnessed a rapid growth. It is also said that ‘diamonds are the best friend of girls. Now a day, Indians have become more conscious about the brands. Every woman wants to wear diamonds of luxury brands. Diamond brings a fashionable, trendy and stylish look to the wearer. List of some luxury diamond jewellry brands of India is given below:

tanishq the jewelry brand

  1. Tanishq: Tanishq is considered as the leading company for diamond jewelry in India. This luxury brand for diamonds is owned by TATA group. Tanishq is a celebrity brand. This luxury brand is highly popular among many actors and actresses. Tanishq is having its outlets in almost 70 cities of India.nakshatra diamond jewellery
  2. Nakshatra: Nakshatra is well-known for being the first brand to introduce branded diamond jewelry in India. In the year 200, Nakshatra diamonds were launched. The amazing designs of Nakshatra diamond jewelry were breathtaking. Nakshatra produces marvelous and fashionable diamond jewelry.D’Damas diamond jewellery
  3. D’Damas: D’Damas is one of the popular diamond jewelry brands in India. This luxury brand is owned by Gitanjali Group which is the largest producer of diamonds. D’Damas offers a wide range of top-class diamonds, gold and other jewels. D’Damas also manufactures a high range of ornaments like pendants, earrings, bracelets, bangles etc.Nirvana diamond jewellery
  4. Nirvana: Nirvana is also among the most luxurious and popular diamond jewelry brands of India. Nirvana was launched by the Fine Jewelry Ltd. in 2002. If you want highly fashionable jewelry, then Nirvana diamond jewelry is perfect for you. Nirvana is selling its innovative jewelry from more than 15 years.asmi diamond jewellery

    5. Asmi: Asmi is popularly known for its feminine and contemporary look. Asmi encourages women to celebrate to be independent economically and socially. This luxury diamond jewelry brand brings a message to every woman for self-expression and self-rewards.Gili diamond jewellery6. Gili: Gili was launched in 1994 and considered as the first branded jewelry in India.
    Gili changed the mindset of people for wearing jewelry occasionally, in fact it enhances the idea of wearing jewelry on each and every occasion. Gili manufactures marvelous designs with the help of their passionate and creative team.

    Kiah diamond jewellery

    7. Kiah: Kiah is a popular luxury diamond jewelry brand which is owned by Sheetal Group. This luxury brand offers alluring diamonds studded in yellow and white gold. Kiah is well-known for its versatile designs which makes it women’s favorite. Pendants, earrings or rings of Kiah can give you a lavishing look and can enhance your beauty.

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