Top 10 Luxurious Cosmetic Brands

Top 10 Luxurious Cosmetic Brands

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When we talk about women’s necessity, cosmetics are may be on the top. Women are usually very conscious about their looks, they want to look beautiful every time. By cosmetic products, women can enhance their lavishing looks in their own way. Now a day, Makeup is worn by most of the women in the world. Cosmetics are loved by all women including celebrities, women from middle or upper class.  For improving personality, cosmetic has become an essential item. Makeup can boost your confidence also. Cosmetic items allow women to look different and fabulous. Today, many luxury cosmetic brands are there in the world which is preferred by most of the women. These luxury cosmetic brands use the ingredients of high quality in their products which do not harm the skin in any way. List of some luxury cosmetic brands is given below:


  1. Chanel : Chanel is a luxurious, popular and expensive cosmetic brand in the world. Chanel is famous for producing high quality makeup products and also manufactures a wide range of cosmetics.mary kay cosmetics, mary kay brand, mary kay logo
  2. Mary Kay : Mary Kay is one of the most expensive and luxury cosmetic brand from Texas. Mary Kay is well-known for their huge spending to train their consultants and for also having well-trained makeup artists.L’Oreal logo, L’Oreal brand
  3. L’Oreal : L’Oreal does not need any recognition because of its popularity. This luxury cosmetic brand is from France. L’Oreal manufactures very famous skincare and makeup products which are popular in all the countries of the world.MAC_logo, mac cosmetics
  4. MAC : MAC is among the most luxurious and expensive cosmetic brands in the world. MAC offers a wide variety of colors and also offers solutions for skin problems. This luxury cosmetic brand from Canada was particularly designed for professional makeup artists.Estee Lauder
  5. Estee Lauder : Estee Lauder is a well-known luxury cosmetic brand form America. Estee Lauder manufactures a wide collection of high quality cosmetic products. Many celebrities were also featured in the commercials of Estee Lauder.Artistry logo
  6. Artistry : Artistry is a prestigious luxury cosmetic brand. Skincare products of this luxury brand are very costly. Artistry is highly popular because of its base, which is nutrition and science.Elizabeth Arden logo
  7. Elizabeth Arden : Products of Elizabeth Arden are popular for enhancing the beauty of women. Elizabeth Arden is a famous luxury cosmetic brand from United States. Mascara and Lipsticks of Elizabeth Arden are well-known for their high quality.
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  8. Oriflame : Oriflame is also one of the most popular luxury cosmetic brands of the world. Oriflame is well-known for producing cosmetic products made by pure ingredients. Oriflame is famous in all the countries.Nu Skin LOGO, Nu Skin brand
  9. Nu Skin : Nu Skin is among the most luxurious cosmetic brands which was founded in 1984. Nu Skin manufactures highly effective anti-aging products. Products of Nu Skin also provide UV protection.smashbox cosmetics logo, smashbox cosmetics brand
  10. Smashbox : Smashbox is a celebrity’ s choice. Smashbox is a popular luxury cosmetic brand which produce oil-free cosmetic products in a wide range. Smashbox’s products are famous for giving a mesmerizing look to women.

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