Have you ever taken a ride in a helicopter? If not, then go for it to get an enjoyable and lifetime experience. Today, helicopters have become very common. Many people love to travel with luxury and helicopters are among the luxurious way for travelling in all over the world. In fact, many rich and famous people are having their personal helicopters as they can afford helicopters for their comfort and can also add glory to their high standard of living. Now a day, helicopters are highly being used for many different purposes like firefighting, transport, cargo handling, search operations, construction, medical, rescue and for the aerial observations too. There are several brands which are manufacturing helicopters with different features and advance technology. The price of luxurious helicopters also differs according to their distinct features. List of most expensive and Luxurious Helicopters in the world is given below:


  1. AgustaWestland AW101: This medium size luxurious helicopter was manufactured by collaborated Italian and Britain chopper manufacturing company and is considered as the most expensive helicopter of the world. AgustaWestland AW101 is used for the anti-submarine warfare which makes it more popular. Rich and famous personalities of Saudi Arabia and India use this expensive and luxurious helicopter. It is also being used for transport and by the main forces like Royal Air-force, Italian Navy, Royal Danish air force and Royal Navy. The estimated value of AgustaWestland AW101 is $21 million which shows that it is only for rich.                                          sikorsky-s92
  2. Sikorsky S92: Sikorsky S92 is among the most luxurious and expensive helicopters of the world. This luxurious helicopter is used by military and is having complete aluminium frame. Sikorsky S92 is made with twin engine and all the parts of this fabulous helicopter are made up of titanium. To reduce the noise and vibration, this helicopter’s rotor is having 4 blades. Its not an easy thing to buy as it comes with a price tag of $17 million. Do you wanna take ride in this super expensive helicopter?
  3. Bell 525: Bell 525 is one of the great inventions of the company, Bell Helicopters. This luxurious helicopter is an another medium sized helicopter with many distinct features. Best composition of metal has been used to manufacture this expensive helicopter. Bell 525 can carry 16 passengers and is made with twin turbo engine. With stylish design, Bell 525 is having the range of coverage about 741 kilometers. You can say its a dream helicopter for a common man. This helicopter has estimated price of about $15 million which is obviously expensive.                    aw139
  4. AgustaWestland AW139: This medium sized helicopter is considered as one of the most expensive and luxurious helicopters of the world and is made with twin engine. AgustaWestland AW139 has five blades at its main rotor and the tail is having four blades. The best thing about this helicopter is its landing gear which is retractable and is also powered by two Pratt & Whitney PT6C turbo shaft engines. In three rows, this luxurious helicopter can carry 15 passengers. For being a spacious aircraft, AgustaWestland AW139 is one of the most popular helicopters in all over the world. The estimated value for this marvelous helicopter is $14.5 million.                           sikorsky-s-76-01
  5. Sikorsky S-76C: Sikorsky S-76C is well known for being a commercial utility helicopter. With a power of 539 kW, this expensive and luxurious helicopter is powered by Turbomeca Ariel 1S1 turbo shaft engines. You can also call this helicopter a royal one as it is used by the Royal family of British and by Donald Trump also. Sikorsky S-76C is serving many different purposes includes hospitals, airlines, government operators, corporations and many more. It tail and main rotor, both are having four blades and this stunning helicopter is having retractable landing gear too. Sikorsky S-76C is having a price tag of $12.95 million.


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