Trains are very common means of transport. Train journey is considered to be the most entertaining journey. People love to travel by train because it does not stuck in traffic jam, it saves our time. There are many trains in the world which connect many cities. People board train for both long and short distances. In train, you can also enjoy the scenic beauty by its window which makes your journey unforgettable. In summers, you can reserve your seat in AC compartments which makes your journey comfortable. For time pass, some people play cards or some other games in train which do not require much space. People who want luxury even in their traveling, always prefer luxury trains where they can enjoy the royal treatment. Luxury trains are usually board by rich people who can afford the spending on tickets. There are many luxurious trains in the world which are attracting travelers. List of some luxury trains in the world is given below:

luxuryTrain Simplon-Orient-Express

  1. Venice-Simplon Orient Express, Europe: One should board this luxurious train to get a unique travel experience. Venice-Simplon Orient Express runs from Paris to Istanbul via Budapest and Bucharest. Venice-Simplon Orient Express will definitely make you feel that you are in 1920s. This luxurious train offers the best quality services. Cabins of Venice-Simplon Orient Express are very comfortable and uniquely designed. The food they offer is really yummy and if you want some entertainment then a pianist is always available for guests. As it is a luxurious train so it costs between $1,000 and $1,400 per person, per day.
  2. Rovos Rail, Africa: A lavish stay is waiting for you in the Rovos Rail of Africa. Rovos Rail brings unforgettable memories to you with its elegance. Air-conditioned luxury suites with all the modern amenities provide a comfortable stay to their guests. Rovos Rail offers a wonderful variety of food and also complements South Africa Wines with dinner. Guests can also enjoy the feeling of being outside while the train is moving, at the backside of observation car. Luxury levels differ from suites to suites. Being one of the most luxurious trains in the world, it costs 13,600 rand (Pullman Suites), 20,500 rand (Deluxe Suites), 27, 200 rand (Royal Suites) per day, per person respectively.
  3. Palace on Wheels, Rajasthan: Palace on Wheels added more glory to India for being a winner of PATA Gold Award and also for being among the most popular and luxurious trains of the world. Interior of Palace on Wheels is seriously jaw-dropping and can make you feel like Queen or King. In the salons of this luxury train, 88 guests can accommodate. Every salon has a ‘Khidmatgar’ (attendant) and Palace on Wheels is also having two restaurants, Maharaja Restaurant and Maharani Restaurant. Many people board this train to experience the royalty and also pay $410 to $600 for per person, per night and at the time of high-season, they also pay $540 to $800.


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