A good sound, brings good vibrations! When it comes to music, everybody has his own choices. Music-lovers make sure that the quality of sound must be very good while listening music. Many audio equipments are being used at homes, offices, clubs, discos. People love to have high definition speakers at their living room or in cars. Most of the youngsters use speakers to listen their favorite music. One should always take care of the quality of sound while purchasing speakers. There are several brands in the market which are manufacturing luxurious as well as expensive speakers. High-class people also considered it as a status symbol to have expensive speakers at home. List of some famous Luxury Speaker Manufacturing Brands is given below :

  1. Harman International : Harman International is considered to be one of the most popular and biggest luxury brand for manufacturing audio equipments. Harman International sells their infotainment and audio systems to many other luxurious brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, GM and Toyota.
  2. Dynaudio: Dynaudio does not need any recognition because this luxury Danish brand is well-known for manufacturing high quality speakers. Dynaudio also supplies their audio systems to Volkswagen, Buggati and Volvo. This luxury brand was founded in 1977.
  3. Bowers & Wilkins: Bowers & Wilkins is among the most successful luxury speaker manufacturing brands. Bowers & Wilkins is very popular for manufacturing loudspeakers. Bowers & Wilkins makes modern audio equipments according to the requirement of buyers.
  4. Bose: Bose is an American brand for luxury speakers. Bose is well-known for manufacturing with exclusive features like automotive audio system and for developing products after a great research. Bose also makes amazing loudspeakers.
  5. Martin Logan: Martin Logan is an another luxury brand for speakers which manufactures every kind of high quality speakers and audio systems. Martin Logan offers a wide range of subwoofers, in wall speakers, floor standing speakers and also wall-mounted speakers.
  6. Paradigm: Paradigm is a very famous luxury brand among the music lovers for its fabulous designs for speakers. Paradigm manufactures speakers with amazing dynamics, powerful bass and accuracy. Paradigm is also very old luxury brand for speakers but it still rules the market and hearts.
  7. Definitive Technology: Definitive Technology is one of the most high rated luxury brands for speakers. Definitive Technology is popular for its high quality loudspeakers and audio systems. Because of the marvelous performances, Definitive Technology has won many awards for its luxurious speakers.
  8. Polk: Polk cannot be compared with anyone in the matter of best home theatre and automobile speakers. Polk is a very famous luxury brand for speakers which delivers their audio devices with SDA (Stereo Dimensional Array). Polk is still very much appreciated for the quality of its speakers.



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