With good looks and attractive personality, one also need good odour. Scents or Perfumes are now among the necessities of life. Perfumes are being used by both men and women. Now a day, people have become very choosy when it comes to perfumes. Perfumes helps you to stay fresh and also set a good image of yours in front of others. There are many luxury perfumes brands in the market. Some brands make expensive pefumes whereas the perfumes of some brands are very affordable. Some expensive perfumes are only made for status conscioys and rich people. List of Some famous luxury perfume brands is given below.

  1. Shalini Perfumes : Shalini Perfumes is one of the most popular luxury perfume brand around the world. Shalini Perfumes is well known for producing perfumes with different ingredients like musk, sandalwood, coriander, vanilla and many more.
  2. Baccarat Perfuems : Baccarat Perfumes is among the world’s expensive and luxury perfume brands of the world. Perfumes of Baccarat are loved by perfume lovers. The styelish perfume bottles of this brand are the main attractions.
  3. Jar Perfumes : Jar Perfumes is also one of the famous luxury perfume brands. Jar Perfumes sells the best scents. Jar Perfumes manufactures variey of perfumes which are highly popular.
  4. Annick Goutal Perfumes : Annick Goutal Perfumes is among the most preferred luxury perfume brands. This expensive perfume brand is mostly famous among celebrities like actors, designers and models.
  5. Clive Christian Perfumes : Clive Christian Perfumes is considered as the best and expensive luxury perfume brand. This luxury brand is highly popular for their top quality and variety.
  6. Caron Perfumes : Caron Perfumes attracts buyers with their decorated crystal bottles. This luxury perfume brand offers many options to the customers by producing perfumes on a large scale.
  7. Chanel Perfumes : Chanel perfumes is one of the most popular luxury perfume brand in all over the world. Perfumes of Chanel keeps the body clean and their smell lasts longer.
  8. Ralph Lauren Perfumes : Ralph Lauren Perfumes is among the most expensive as well as luxurious Perfume brands. Perfumes of Ralph Lauren comes in beautiful bottles. Ralph Lauren Perfumes are well-known for launching their new products at different occassions.
  9. Joy Perfumes : Joy Perfumes is highly popular for creating dominating perfumes of Europe. This expensive luxury perfume brand is selling the best smells to their customers from a long time.
  10. Hermes Perfumes : Scents of this popular luxury perfume brand is inspired by Persian style. Hermes Perfumes manufactures high quality perfumes which are famous among both men and women. Some of the popular scents of this brand are vanilla, jasmine, ylang ylang, amber etc.


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