Isn’t it so mesmerizing to stay in a luxurious hotel which is having its own private plunge pools. Well, the answer is obviously yes. Swimming is considered as a very relaxing activity. In today’s hectic life, everyone needs to get relaxed.  Many people love to do swimming, some do it as a hobby and many have taken it up as a profession also. The craze of pool parties are also very much in trend. It is really amazing to have party on private pool terrace while watching sunset. Several luxury resorts are impressing their guests by giving them rooms with a private plunge pool. Although, these types of services in luxurious hotels are very expensive and a common man can only have a dream of it. A list of luxurious resorts with private plunge pools is given below:


  1. Soneva Kiri: Soneva Kiri is considered as one of the most luxurious resorts with private plunge pools in the world. It is located at Thailand’s fourth largest island which is less populated. This luxurious resort is having 29 private villas which are surrounded by ancient forests. It seems like a fantasy world. People feel tempted when they get a private villa full of villa with freeform swimming pools and Soneva Kiri is just amazing to deliver best services.  six-senses-con-dao
  2. Six Senses Con Dao: Six Senses Con Dao is a perfect example of mesmerizing natural beauty. This luxurious resort is situated in Con Dao, Vietnam. Six Senses Con Dao is having contemporary designs and also shows the tradition of fishing village. With marvelous 50 villas which are along a sandy beach, this fabulous resort is having infinity pool. Buildings of villas purely made from natural sources. If you will get a chance of staying in this resort, you will definitely not believe it as it looks so amazing like a perfect scenery.   jade-mountain
  3. Jade Mountain: Jade Mountain is like a dream resort and is considered among the most luxurious resorts with private plunge pools in the world. With the breathtaking location of St Lucia, this fantastic resort is having private in-room infinity pools facility which can provide you the jaw-dropping views of nature while swimming. Its suites called sanctuaries and every sanctuary adds glory to its stunning views.four-seasons-seychelles-spa
  4. Four Seasons Resort: Four Seasons Resort is also one of the most beautiful and luxurious resorts with private plunge pools in all over the world. This luxurious resort is having 67 highly luxurious villas and located at Seychelles. White sand spread along this fabulous resort gives it a stunning view. Marvelous greenery on the beach and surrounded by jungle hillside, Four Seasons Resort brings unforgettable memories to your trip. Plunge pools of this amazing resort are surrounded by a natural hardwood deck which looks very luxurious.  alila-villas-sooriocean-pool-villa
  5. Alila Villas Soori: Bali has become one of the most favorite tourist destinations of people nowadays. Alila Villas Soori is actually look like a paradise and is located on the southwest coast of Bali. Villas in this luxurious resort can give you the best beach experience. This luxurious resort is having 48 luxurious villas with their own private pool and Alila Villas Soori is providing their best services to their valuable clients. Lush rice field and volcanic black sand are enough to add more luxury in this marvelous resort.


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