A house is a mirror of one’s status and personality. Everyone wants to have a lavishing and beautiful house. Elegant furniture can add beauty in your house. There are several luxury brands in the world which manufacture quality furniture with various designs. Now a day, furniture has also become an important part of a status symbol. Some people buy furniture of retro look whereas some people buy modernize furniture to give a perfect look to their house. In your house, you can show off your wealth by having fascinating furniture. List of most expensive and luxury brand of furniture is given below:

1. Henredon : Henredon furniture comes with lifetime guarantee. This old expensive luxury brand manufactures reliable and comfortable furniture with beautiful designs and offers a wide variety of their products.

2. Restoration Hardware : Restoration Hardware furniture is highly appreciated for its quality and long life. Restoration Hardware is a well-known name in the world of expensive luxury brands. This brand manufactures pleasurable and comfortable furniture for office, home and other places as well.

3. Edra : Edra selling their elegant furniture since 1987. Products of this expensive luxury brand are very reliable and can give a marvellous look to your house. Their beautiful and different craftsmanship will amaze you.

4. Poliform : Poliform manufactures luxurious furniture. People who want trendy, classy and modern design furniture, Poliform luxury brand is perfect for their requirement. This expensive brand got popularity in a short span of time.

5. Boca Do Lobo : Boca Do Lobo manufactures exclusive furniture for the people of higher-class. This expensive luxury brand gets their designs from the leading designers and that’s why Boca Do Lobo is famous for their classy furniture.

6. Kartell : Kartell is another luxurious and expensive brand for furniture which uses high-quality raw materials for their products. One can be amazed by their collection of beautifully crafted furniture.
7. Fendi Casa : Fendi Casa is one of the most expensive and popular luxury brands for furniture. Fendi Casa is famous for their creative designs which show contemporary era.

8. Henkel Harris : Henkel Harris is a finest and expensive luxury brand from America for furniture which manufactures high quality products. This brand is well-known for their iconic designs in furniture.

9. Christopher Guy : Christopher Guy is an expensive luxury brand for furniture and was founded in 1999. This International furniture brand offers traditionally modern designs with a wide range of collection.

10. French Heritage : French Heritage is a well-known European furniture brand and is highly popular in America and Europe. French Heritage is an expensive luxury brand which specialises in antique and graceful designs and excellent quality.


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